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An update and LIVE A/B Test from the Fundraising Team
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Megan Hernandez, Peter Coombe, Victor Grigas, Jessica Robell
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The Wikimedia Foundation Fundraising team cultivates the resources that propel our movement. Every year, we engage over 2 million people from nearly every country in the world to support Wikipedia and its sister projects.

How has the fundraiser morphed over the years from a 60 day annual campaign into a year-round model with a brief 2 week campaign per country? What's all this A/B testing about? And whatever happened to those Jimmy banners?! Check out this session to learn about:

  • A brief overview of Wikipedia's fundraising banner evolution
  • The latest A/B tests
  • The shift to year-round fundraising
  • Mobile fundraising
  • Localizing fundraising to nearly every country in the world
  • Our latest video campaign
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30 minutes
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