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An analysis of Deletionpedia: the value of inclusionism

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Guaka - Kasper Souren

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The number of "active editors" has been on a decline since 2007, both for the English Wikipedia as well as the sum of all languages [1] [2].

A lot of new articles on Wikipedia are quickly removed. Often these articles are written by people unexperienced with Wikipedia. Like this a lot of genuine efforts end up in frustration and editors giving up on Wikipedia.

In December 2013 I (re)started Deletionpedia to save these articles. I will analyze the articles deleted on Wikipedia and saved on Deletionpedia.

I will also give an overview of efforts from WMF and Wikipedians to improve the way deleted articles are handled and other efforts to increase editor retention and I'll compare the situation of WMF projects to other volunteering projects I'm involved in.


WikiCulture & Community

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30 minutes
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