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"F" for Fashion: our joint GLAM-Wiki efforts in collaboration with Europeana-Fashion - a panel
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Shani Evenstein
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Panel Participants
  • Marco Rendina - Europeana-Fashion
  • Jesse de Vos - Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
  • Dr. Allison Kupietzky - The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Gabriëlle De Pooter - MoMu – Fashion Museum, Province of Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Virginia Gentilini - Wikimedia Italy
  • John Andersson - Wikimedia Sverige
  • Shani Evenstein - Wikimedia Israel
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September, 2013. My email "rings". It’s Marco Rendina from Europeana-Fashion. “We were thinking of having a ‘fashion edit-a-thon day’ in November, sponsored by Europeana Awareness and Europeana Fashion, and organized in three different cities”, he writes. “We already have Stockholm, Sweden (Nordiska Museet) and Padua, Italy (Museo della calzatura Rossimoda).Would Israel like to join us and have an edit-a-thon in Israel? Maybe we can have it as part of the ‘Digital Heritage Conference in Jerusalem’, in November. What do you say? Are you in?”

A fashion edit-a-thon in Tel-Aviv! Despite the fact that I’m swamped, I don’t hesitate: it’s an opportunity to put fashion, the most usable form of art and perhaps the least appreciated, in the spotlight. An opportunity to put into motion a long-term process that will highlight the poor coverage of Fashion & Design in Wikipedia. An opportunity to join forces with experts. Yes, I answer, and process begins: approaching academic institutions teaching fashion & design, fashion experts, related GLAMs, like museums and libraries, fashion-bloggers and TV presenters, fashion & design students... And only two months to make it all happen!

Time passes. November is here. So is the conference and the edit-a-thon. 3 cities; a 100 Wikipedians and fashion-lovers from the public; experts from GLAMs and from the Academia; hundreds of images released into commons; and a bunch of articles in 4 languages – Italian, Swedish, Hebrew and English; expected and unexpected results; and one sure thing – we have only just begun!

This panel will be an opportunity for Wikipedians, Wikimedians and GLAM representatives to have a joint discussion that will focus on:
- Sharing the results and experiences from this joint edit-a-thon
- Mapping the similarities as well as the unique challenges in each country
- Discussing what worked well and what could be done better in the coming year / years
- Having a platform to discuss the subject in general, as a global team, from both ends – Wikipedia/Wikimedia & GLAMs
- Inspiring others to join the efforts!


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60 minutes
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Friday Morning, before noon (One panelist has to leave right after and another observes the Shabat).

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