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Wiki takes London is a multi media event within Wikimania 2014 where Wikimedians and their friends can add to our coverage of London and its environs during August 2014. Participation is limited to the month of August 2014.

Photographs are welcome, but we are also interested in video and sound files.


Greater London is divided onion style into 6 zones, from zone one in the very centre to zone 6 in the outer suburbs. Londoners refer to some of the immediately adjacent territories as zone 7, the rest of the Universe can be roughly divided up in similar fashion as zones 8 to infinity depending on the difficulty of getting between them and central London. For the purposes of this contest any file created outside the United Kingdom is deemed to be from zone 9.


Points for any subject can be calculated as followed:

  1. Any file created and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons during August 2014 earns 10 points unless it is of w:Tower Bridge
  2. Weighting by zone. Multiply by 1 for zones 1 & 2, by 2 for zones 3 or 4 or by 3 for zones 5 and beyond
  3. Add five points if it has been used to illustrate a previously unillustrated Wikipedia article.
  4. Double your score for any photograph that is the first photo uploaded for a subject on one of the target lists for this page.
  5. Plus four points for any target photographed where the largest extant image was less than 100kb
  6. Plus two points for any target photographed where the largest extant image was less than 1mb
  7. If two or more Wikimedians travel together to photograph a target from this page then all may claim any bonus points.


Public art

  • In the Barbican:
    • Camargue Horses (Enzo Plazzotta, 1969) – on the south side of the Barbican Centre, on the terrace beside the lake
    • Ascent (Charlotte Mayer, 1990) – North Barbican podium, in Ben Jonson Place, near the upper entrance to the Barbican Centre
    • Other sculptures already covered at c:Category:Artworks of the Barbican Estate, but please feel free to add pics of these too!


Anyone who participates in WikiTakes London is welcome to display the following userboxes on their talkpages on any Wikimedia project.

This editor participated in Wiki takes London 2014

This editor took and uploaded x photographs during Wiki takes London 2014