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Kuning: Visa diperlukan
Biru: Visa tidak diperlukan
Grey: Visa tidak diketahui

The United Kingdom (UK) is a member country of the European Union (EU). All citizens of EU member states with a valid travel document (passport or European ID card) are allowed to travel freely within the EU (including the UK) for up to 3 months.

Given the high throughput of air traffic, the UK is a highly accessible country. Those travelling from North America, Japan, Australasia, and most of Latin America do not not normally require a visa to visit the UK. Many people from other regions will also be able to visit the UK without a visa.

To determine whether you will need a visa to visit the UK, go to Note that a general visitor (tourist) visa is sufficient to attend and participate in Wikimania, which is not considered to be "unpaid work". The typical cost for a short-term general visitor visa is £83.[1] Check for the cost in your local currency. Wikimedia UK may be able to act as a sponsor for those that require sponsorship in order to get a visa.

The following individuals can enter the United Kingdom without a visa:

Furthermore, citizens of all the countries listed below have visa-free access to the EU, including the UK, for at least 90 days:

EU Member States
Icons-flag-at.png Austria
Icons-flag-be.png Belgium
Icons-flag-bg.png Bulgaria
Icons-flag-hr.png Croatia
Icons-flag-cy.png Cyprus
Icons-flag-cz.png Czech Republic
Icons-flag-dk.png Denmark
Icons-flag-ee.png Estonia
Icons-flag-fi.png Finland
Icons-flag-fr.png France
Icons-flag-de.png Germany
Icons-flag-gr.png Greece
Icons-flag-hu.png Hungary
Icons-flag-ie.png Ireland
Icons-flag-it.png Italy
Icons-flag-lv.png Latvia
Icons-flag-lt.png Lithuania
Icons-flag-lu.png Luxembourg
Icons-flag-mt.png Malta
Icons-flag-nl.png Netherlands
Icons-flag-pl.png Poland
Icons-flag-pt.png Portugal
Icons-flag-ro.png Romania
Icons-flag-sk.png Slovakia
Icons-flag-si.png Slovenia
Icons-flag-es.png Spain
Icons-flag-se.png Sweden
Icons-flag-uk.png United Kingdom
Non-EU Member States



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