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Virtual Community Roundtable

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

A 60 minute main stage panel discussion on social machines, virtual communities and education.

12:30 Saturday 9th August, Barbican Hall


Questions / Topics

What should they discuss?

  • What makes a collection of people a "community"?
    • What does a healthy community look like?
    • How has technology affected the potential of communities?
  • What role does code/algorithm have in the function of an online community?
    • Who has the power to decide what code is developed and deployed in our community?
    • Who should decide?
  • What's the potential of Wikipedia (and other Wiki/Open projects)?
    • Where has that potential been actualized?
    • Where are we missing opportunities?
  • What role does self-reflection play in the function of an online community?
    • How do/can virtual communities identify and solve emergent problems?
    • What community structures support identifying and solving problems?