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From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom


Hola, my name is James Moulding.

Who is James Moulding?

James Moulding is a strange phenomenon, he enjoys a range of activities including creating games and thinking about ways in which we can learn through games - James also plays the didgeridoo, badly, and thinks he can code, but he can't.

What does James do to survive?

In order to eke out an existence, James earns his time as a Research Assistant at the Higher Education Research Centre at the University of Westminster - he's also an Intern at the Cybersalon Digital Think-Tank. James also has pretentions to producing a boardgame Imperialism in Space.

What of Wiki?

James has worked on Wikiversity in the past, but at the moment he's working under the Conference Director Edward Saperia as his assistant for the duration of Wikimania 2014, which quite obviously will be the biggest and best Wiki event in the history of man. He's also running the Wikimania Games Corner event.

How do I make first contact with James?

Through any of these wonderful digital mediums. (twit)@jamo133 (fb)/jamo133 (Li)http://uk.linkedin.com/in/jamesmoulding/

That boardgame, what was it called? Where can I find out about it? It sounded pretty interesting..

Imperialism in Space? sure just follow these links and you can delve into the wonders of Lenin's Theory of Imperialism.

www.imperialisminspace.uk @impsinspacegame click here for Imperialism in Space's Facebook