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Welcome! I'm Muntashir. I live in the town of Rangpur, Bangladesh. I started using the English Wikipedia over 2 and a half years ago, in 2012, and in that time have made over 300 edits to it. But I actually work in Bengali Wikipedia on many project, including Wikipedia Teahouse bengali. I actually used wikipedia since 2009. But I create my account in 2012, when I was in class 8.

I am the 5th son of my parents and 4th among brothers. The name Muntashir Al-Islam is a Arabic name. Muntashir means preacher and (Al) Islam means (of) Islam. And Muntashir Al-Islam means Preacher of Islam. Both my mother and mother came from renown families. My family name is Akon. My elder brother, Jahid Masud Akon tried to find from where our family came from. He found that we came to Bangladesh a longtime ago from Caucasus, a place near Causus Mountains, Georgia.

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