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I am at Wikimania 2014, so feel free to say hi if you see me!

Hi, I'm Jack Duffield!

I haven't been doing this stuff for long, but I've used Wikipedia for most of my life, and I've decided to give back to it now that I am able.

I am a native speaker of English, and can speak Spanish to Wikipedia's "es-3" level.

Taken from my Wikipedia User page:

About Me
I was born on Canvey Island in 1999. Well, actually, I was born in an operating theater in Southend Hospital, having decided to use my umbilical cord to strangle myself during my cephalic presentation. I had it wrapped three times around my neck, and I have the surgeons at Southend Hospital to thank for both the caesarian section and the unwrapping of my cord that gave me life. Thanks, guys.
Since then, I've done an awful lot with my time, gaining knowledge in every subject I can find. My chief interests currently are in Psychology and Digital Media, specifically design trends and advertising, and how they work. I love the stuff, and I hope to contribute there.
I also have taken to learning the current secondary education system inside out, and so I plan to contribute in that area, too. On top of those, I intend to become proficient in the actual art of contributing to the project.

How Can I Help?
First and foremost, I am new, so if people can help me find direction in this editing, I would be very appreciative. I intend to expand this user page as much as possible, as well as contributing wherever I am useful.
I can help with Spanish translations, although please forgive me for my lack of knowledge in Spanish biomedical science.
If you need someone to chat to, for whatever reason, I have a talk page. Similarly, although I have no idea why you would, if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.
Above all else, I do not bite, unless I am eating something. I hope to help out wherever I can with this huge project!