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Volunteer Archive (before signup form existed)

Name Email & Social Location Event Skills & Experience Wikimedia Skills & Experience Volunteer Time
Example McGee @gexample Chalk Farm, London, UK e.g. I work in a PR agency as an account manager. I know my way around social media, photoshop and spreadsheets, and am experienced at corporate sales. / I have been a sound technician for five years / I am a community manager and workshop facilitator / I am an experienced iOS developer / I am a student working in hospitality e.g. I am not very experienced with Wikimedia but I can edit and use wikis fluently / I develop software for Wikimedia Commons / I know nothing but I'm interested in working on a big event like this I can spend a few hours a week working on this / I can give a couple of weeks full time in the run up to and during the event / I can help out on the days of the conference
Oarabile Mudongo Gaborone, Botswana I'm a volunteer Wikipedia community liaison in Africa and i have participated at Wikimania 2012, Wikimania 2013 as well as being a panelist on the African workshop. At the moment am one of the organizing team members working on a bid for hosting Wikimania 2015 in Cape Town as a coordinator for registration, i would like to help with site registrations and other tasks involved. Mainly I am involved with Setswana Wikipedia community, commons:Wikimedia Commons and Wikiversity. I am founding member of the upcoming user group Planning Wikimedia Botswana. I have conducted workshops on Wikipedia (how to edit, necessity of Wikipedia and ways to get involved) at universities which was meant to increase participation, and lastly i conducted a workshop in Mauritius on Community Engagement through Wikipedia 3 hours/day.
Shalaka Bapat London, UK Student at Westminster School/ Experience in event organizing with the Challenge Network, Samaritans UK, gospel choir and Sparrow Schools / Have helped to design an iPhone and Android app / Communications, Marketing, "Future of Education" theme not particularly experienced in Wikimedia, but can edit Wikipedias easily, but would like to learn more, especially concerning design skills Available for a few hours a week and (almost definitely) on the days of the conference
Arenike Adebajo London, UK Student at Westminster School / Experience in research and script writing at Lagos based television studio, some work experience in marketing at Cadbury plc. / Never worked a large event / Communications, Social Media Management, Marketing/ Interested in 'Future of Education' theme Not much experience with Wikimedia, would like to learn programming and design skills on the go Available a few hours a week and on the days of the conference
Aurelia Vandamme London, UK Student at Westminster School / Organised fundraising events at KIDS charity when I did work experience there / Worked for Shakespeare Trust in Stratford Upon Avon / Communications, Fundraising, Marketing, Analysis / I know programming and and Android apps programming, if that helps I am not very experienced with Wikimedia, but I can edit and use wikis fluently I can spend a few hours a week on this, and I can help out on the days of the conference.
Benoit Rochon
@WikimediaCAfr (operator)
Montreal, Canada On Wikimedia Canada Board of Directors and previously on the Steering Committee since 2008, I'm the national project manager. I organized dozens of events in Canada as well as international like the Month of contribution which took place in 26 cities in six francophone countries. I also organized the National month of contribution in 14 Canadian cities, and photo hunts Wikipedia Takes Montreal, Takes Quebec city and Wiki Loves Monument Canada 2012/2013. I'm also involved in Wikipedia Education Program with couple schools around Montreal. More recently, I organise the Wiki Tuesdays at the National Archives on a monthly basis. Besides wiki events I organized IRL, I am an administrator of Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia-fr and CentralNotice admin on Meta. I'm managing Wikimedia Canada Website and social networks in both English and French languages. I'm a Wikimedian since 2003 with over 60,000 global edits and I translate in French most Wikimedia projects. I was a volunteer and a speaker at Wikimania DC 2012 and Wikimania Hong Kong 2013. I can give around 15 hours a week wherever the Wikimania team would need me; I'm currently working on Wikimania2014 French translations. I can also help during the days of the conference if needed.
Dimitri Adam London, UK Outreach/Open Data & Big Data Advocates / Experience in Data Collection & Analysis, Communications, Engagement, Research / Analysis / Communications / Recruitment / >=10 hours, to be confirmed (TBC)
Joe Sutherland Utrecht, the Netherlands (via Aberdeen, UK) I'm currently in the middle of a degree in journalism. I consider myself quite flexible and willing to get stuck into most areas of the conference, but I'd very much like to help the team out with strategic comms, especially pro-active and re-active media management. I've been an editor on the English Wikipedia since at least 2006, an admin since 2008, and a functionary since 2012. Probably 15+ hours per week.
Gregory Varnum (User:Varnent) Michigan, USA Assisted with dozens of conferences outside of wiki-land Work on Wikimania 2012 and Wikimania 2013 as Program Committee member and Hackathon Co-Coordinator Varies over time - but usually evenings and weekends
Gabriel Chi Hong Lee Hong Kong I am now studying secondary school in Hong Kong and I am 13 years old I use zh.wikipedia and I and a volunteer in Wikimania 2013 Hong Kong 20 hours or more online, mostly evenings since I have to go to school.
Kostadin Kolev London & Warwick I have been a waiter at very large events catering for over 500 people over the past 3 years. Last year I was a Manager for at the Olympics overlooking a staff of around 100 and I was involved in all aspects of the operations, from contract management to QSHE. I have no previous experience with Wikimedia appart from attending the Level39 Wikimedia Event I can commit up to 5 hours a week before Christmas and as much as necessary thereafter.
Janita Han jan.han+wikimania at gmail dot com London I organised exhibitions and events in the past under the auspices of Last year I organised a forum, located a (free) venue and raised sponsorship for it. I can do graphics I have no previous experience with Wikimedia but would like to get involved in the community I can spend two hours a week and I can help out on the days of the conference
KTo288 via User talk:KTo288 London I've worked both front of house and back in the restaurant business, during London 2012 I was a gamemaker in the accreditation team at both Heathrow and UDAC, since last year I've been an accreditation team member for the UEFA Champions League Final, and have volunteered at sports and charity events in London, including the ITU triathlon final in london, and the Danone Nations Cup final. I've edited at Wikipedia with my current account since 2006, from mid 2007 onwards Commons has been my home wiki, and I became an admin there since 2010. After Commons and en:wikipedia I consider Wikinews to be my third wiki. Up to conference time 10 hours a week, some weeks a lot more some weeks zero depending on my schedule for that week. During conference time I should be available for the days of the conference, the days before to help setup and to help out with the fringe events.
Abdulai, Mohammed Sadat Accra, Ghana B.Sc. Computer Science & M.Sc. Statistics. An R enthusiast, anything Data Analytics I'm your man. I am also very flexible, just let me know what is available. I'm experienced with Wikimedia and participate in almost all of its projects. I am a Member of Planning Wikimedia Ghana and of several Wikipedia projects. Everyday
May Hachem (user:May Hachem93) Cairo, Egypt Attended all workshops held by Wikipedia leaders in Egypt and the conference in Cairo on the third of October where I was honored as an excellent student for my valuable contributions during the third edition and soon I will hold workshops for new users in the Arab World Education Program as a Campus Ambassador. participated in the forth edition after successfully completing the third edition of the program. I've been an editor on the Arabic Wikipedia since June, I have been a translator since May, I upload pictures on Wikicommons and edit wikis easily and participate usually in the Wikipedia community furthermore I have started recently writing on wikinews. I am interested in attending and working on an event like that. Available throughout the weekdays evening.
Romaine outside UK speaker and helper/volunteer on various conferences, have been in London before. Good in getting things done at the days itself. Experienced user (see user page) Available during Wikimania
Edlira Dushku (user:Edlira) Tirana, Albania CRM/Web Developer. UN online volunteer in as Web Developer and Director Child Sponsorship Program. Participated in the 1st Global Startup Youth and in the 4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2013. Online volunteer of United Nations in UNV Roster Team, Bonn,Germany as Analyzer. Attended Wikimedia Hackathon, Amsterdam 2013. Online voluteer as software developer and translator in About 20 hours in a week.
Spike London, UK Electronic Engineer. Experience of attending and running Maker Faires, hackathons, barcamps, and similar events. Volunteer Coordinator for #MozFest2013 Not much apart from being a user, occasional contributor. Up to 20-hours a week leading up to event, and 24-hours per day during.
Geraldshields11 geraldshields11 at gmail dot com Washington, DC, United States Photographer and Wikimedia DC chapter event promotion coordinator. IRL, I am a US attorney. I am a member of several Wiki Projects, such as The Wikipedia Library, Women's History, Taxation, and Open Knowledge Foundation. I am involved with other open cultural projects, such as being a Distributed Proofreader in support of Project Gutenberg. Attended a fun part of Wikimania in DC, contributor to WikiCommons, anti-vandal patroler, and editor Have camera and willing to travel. Would like to be the official still photographer of Wikimania 2014 if a grant from Wikimedia DC and/or grant from Wikimania 2014 covers travel costs and expenses.
Felix Nartey Flixtey @flixtey Accra, Ghana I work in a Bank as a marketer. I know my way around social media and most online tools. I am the community manager for the Planning Wikimedia Ghana Chapter. I have experience in event planning as i employed such skills during my duties as a Google Student Ambassador. I am involved in other communities that do a lot of outreach programs and volunteer their quota to developing the lives of others in their communities. I am not very experienced with Wikimedia but I can edit and use wikis fluently / I have helped with the outreach and training of new recruits to the Planning Wikimedia Ghana Chapter. I know nothing but I'm interested in working on a big event like this I can spend a few hours a week working on this / The weekends will also work well for me / I can help out on the days of the conference
Nkansah Rexford Nkansah Rexford Capetown, South Africa I'm a web developer, 3D artist, and currently serving as a Wikipedian in Residence. I'm also the coordinator for the upcoming Wikimedia chapter in Ghana I'm good to work on any area relating to designs/graphics, websites and or on the wiki's. Everyday
Miriam Leon Leonshion1 @leonshion Puebla, México I work as a designer freelance, I make motion graphics, digital illustration, identity & brand design. I also work as a bloguer in my own blog @indamagazine and different blogs such as Letouch Tv, Belelú, Apolorama. I love music, technology, fashion, art and pop culture. I also work as a volunteer in Wikimedia México and Mozilla México as an Art Director. Im a curious person and I always will so here I am, joining to see what can I do or learn with you guys. I can help out on the days of the conference and make cool "badges" for workshops or conferences.
Adam Moss
Mitchazenia Highland Park/Little Falls, New Jersey, USA I am a student, but for five years, I have spent the judge as food organizer/caterer/deliverer for Wikimedia NYC, catering various events and making sure we hold a budget together. I go to to troubles of making sure that we make everyone happy. I also have hosted events and talks at Wikimedia NYC events (as a due-paying member and can do a job of emcee for workshops if needed. Wikipedian for 8 years, admin on Commons and English Wikipedia, I am a due-paying member of Wikimedia NYC and working towards helping the Cascadia project. Also working to bring Wikipedia Education Program to local universities. I am hoping to come in on August 4 and can work all day from the 6th or 7th on (touristy stuff for the first.)
Daniel Fowler & @danfowler Egham, UK Volunteer at #mozfest, helped run @jozilug 5 hours/week
User:Glostin melody Glostin melody i am ready to volunteer any kind of support.
Reza Jabal-Ameli London, UK I'm a volunteer Wikipedia community liaison in Iran and currently working in London with the HealthWatch Richmond. I am experienced in data collection and analysis. I am also a member of Chevening alumni in London and have been involved in organizing meetings and social gatherings. I have been contributed to the development of Persian WikiPedia since 2008. 3-4h/day
jack albshara
jacksyria Bath, Somerset,UK, I am Electrical Engineer, recently opend a Mediterranean takeaway shop, I work in it after fishing my of the first job . Wikipedian for 5 years,. I am hoping to be there after having my holiday.
Mohammed Soroar Alam sufidisciple Riyadh, Saudi Arabia I am a Bangladeshi expatriate, working in a well established advertising company here since 2002. I am confident to work around social media, Photoshop, CorelDraw and Illustrator and am experienced at international relation. Though, am working as a professional graphic designer and in-door and out-door digital print division supervisor, have a diploma in multimedia, in fact, usually work with video and sound editing too. I am the secretary for information, research and international affairs of a native land based Sufism related Organization and admin in two Facebook Sufism discussions Group, promoting a number of Facebook pages. I have experience working with different organizations for more than a decade. I am not very experienced with Wikimedia but working with bn & en Wikipedia for 2 years, can edit and use wikis fluently. I don’t know how you shall evaluate my interest in working on a global event like this I can work 2 hours every day for this event. Aside, I am trying to be there on those days. If done, than I can help out on the days of the conference.
Douglas Scott Discott Cape Town, South Africa Criminologist/researcher. I assisted in organising the 2012 Sustain Our Africa conference in 2012. Wikipedian since 2006. One of the directors of Wikimedia ZA and I am working on a bid to bring Wikiminia to Cape Town in the future. I was one of the organisers of Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 and 2013 in South Africa and will organise the 2014 event. Will be there during the 3 days of the main event but unfortunately I might have to miss the Hackathon.

Real names

The current volunteer form is real names only, shouldn't we be giving volunteers a choice between real name and Wikmedia Userid? Jonathan Cardy (WMUK) (talk) 13:17, 31 March 2014 (UTC)Reply

Bikas Gurung Bikasgurung120 (talk) 09:08, 4 July 2014 (UTC)Reply