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Questions around this theme

  • What does a sociable Wikipedian look like? What does it mean to be social in and around an online encyclopaedia?
  • Wikipedia's psudo-anonymity is counter to the standard philosophy of Social Networking. What effect does that have on collaboration and socialising on the platform?
  • What are the motivations behind individuals contributing to Wikipedia - what is the Social Capital and how is it reified and exchanged?
  • How does the Social Captial (the kudios and credibility) attached to Wikipedia activity travel beyond the boundaries of the platform? Does it benefit the individual outside of the immediate Wikipedia community and is that important?
  • How do the social elements of the platform intersect with other major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc?

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Wikipedia Editor Engagement

Shadbolt et al paper

Does anyone else find it odd that Wikipedia is omitted from the clustered social machines in Figure 3? 07:35, 27 May 2014 (UTC)Reply

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