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If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding free culture at Wikimania 2014, ask away! - Lawsonstu (talk) 07:39, 9 October 2013 (UTC)Reply

Brain storming

Please list ideas below for topics that should appear in the conference program. Be as specific or as broad, or as way out as you want, we'll pare the ideas down to a workable/sane level later. e.g.

  • freedom of panorama,
  • PD-art vs sweat of the brow, how can institutions profit from digitising their collections if they cannot protect their copyrights because of Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp.
  • Should publicly funded sculpture be PD by right regardless of FOP
  • URAA and copyright

Material moved from main space


We're looking for volunteers, so feel free to add yourself to the main conference volunteers page, or the list of Wikimedians who are free culture advocates. Comments and suggestions are welcome on here page.

Influential people and organisations

  • Richard Stallman
  • Lawrence Lessig
  • Jimmy Wales
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation

Joscelyn Upendran

Ed contacted Joscelyn Upendran, who is a trustee of Creative Commons, to see if she might have any ideas. She said:

1. Re hacakathons - On my wish list would be to get some developers at startups together that have sites with user generated content to get them to integrate Creative Commons (CC) licences on their sites properly - I don't mean merely a link to the licences but to integrate it fully so fully machine readable licenses effortlessly apply to the UGC so that attribution is made simpler & effortless and the content is fully machine readable see

I initiated a conversation with Google re this matter summer last year and very early stage plan was to have a hands on workshop at Campus for startups and to ask someone from Google also to take part to demonstrate how content needs to be marked up to maximise discovery when search is filtered by usage rights by the Google advanced search. It would be good to see something like this happen - the win for Wikipedia is that much of the UGC is likely to be CC BY /CC BY SA - just look at Flickr - If enough startups understood the benefits of integrating CC & how quick and easy it is, and so offered their users choice in how they exercised their copyright -free culture would benefit.

2. One of the main focus for CC is Open Educational Resources (OER) - their lead on this is Cable Green - @cgreen he does a lot of public speaking on OER. If you want someone more concerned with policy including policy on Open Access Timothy Volmer - @tvol is the person at CC. Jonathan Worth & Cory Doctorow are also obvious speakers on open and CC.

3. To get a good idea of the intersection of Wikipedia and CC the best person to speak to would be Kat Walsh - @mindspillage - until recently - Chair of Wikimedia Foundation and also legal counsel with CC

4. Enthusiastic & CC informed geeks in the UK are people like Dan Lynch - @methoddan - responsible for things like he is a passionate supporter of free culture and has a good network of cc informed tech people.

5. Wikimedia UK has good links with Mozilla too - so people like @cyberdees & @codekat would be useful to talk to if you're not already doing so.

6. CC UK is now looked after by University College London, the lady coordinating stuff is Pam Fisher @pamdfisher - - you may want to try Pam to see if she has any plans/ideas to get involved with Wikimania.


We should contact as many of these leads as soon as possible.

draft letter

Draft email/letter - please help edit:

From 8–10 August 2014 Wikimania, will be held in London, UK, one of the program strands will be that of free culture. As an individual involved in this area would you be interested in addressing and participating at Wikimania 2014.

Message to Commons

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