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Talk:Education Pre-Conference/AmbassadorTraining

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

1. How long does this session take?

Length of time - 1 day in total - 2 half days around 3 hours per session? Afternoon sessions for distance trainers Separate registrations for the sessions to gauge popularity and attendance. Registration by the end of July.

ACTUAL DECISION: One afternoon session from noon until 5pm on Wednesday 6 August.

2. Who is your audience?

  • Students & Graduates (Alumni)
  • Active Wikimedians
  • Global
  • All over UK
  • Educators & other academics i.e. librarians
  • Reach out to Programme Leaders and see what they think
  • Endless audience...

3. How do we get your audience to Wikimania?

see Education Pre-Conference/AmbassadorTraining/Publicity

Who will do the recruitment?

  • Toni and Wikimedia UK
  • On Wiki Page
    • Timeline for designing the promotional material
      • HTML
      • Mail Chimp
      • Twitter - click bait
  • Toni & WMUK to do the design and finalise the promotional material - Friday 4th July
  • Raya will help Toni

Email content:

  • E Flyer
  • Wikimania graphics
  • Short and precise.
  • Do you want to be involved in Wikipedia more directly?
  • Want to be a Wikipedia Education Ambassador ?
  • Benefits of being an ambassador.
    • It looks good on your CV
    • Swag (let's not include in the advert, as each country may not have swag)
    • Advocate for open knowledge.
    • Continued Professional Development
    • Support and training of the Wikimedia Foundation.
    • Network Opportunities
    • Teacher training and experience
  • Blogs links : My life as a Wikipedia Ambassador?

What outreach/recruitment is needed?


  • Social Media - Facebook, Twitter etc..
  • Staff and Student newsletters
  • Student Unions : Email mailing list
  • Email Blasts
  • Teach meets
  • University Libraries emails
  • Chapters & Users Group (Global)
  • Jisc Mailing List
  • Open Knowledge Festival (Berlin) - YB attending.

4. What will the content of this session be?

  • Starting an ambassador Program
  • Skills you need?
  • Student panels at our session
  • Wikipedia information
  • How WP & education works together
    • Goals
    • Challenges
      • Be realistic
        • access to resources
        • students reluctance
        • limitations on their campus
        • What mistakes have we made previously? - Abusheik to give a talk?
  • Student experience
  • Relationships between different roles i.e. Ambassador & instructor
    • How are these achieved?
  • One pager - other sessions taking place across the week for more information.
  • Education & General Booklets.
    • Time to review them
    • Distribute them
    • Jami will submit a request to WMF to send to WMUK cc: Toni
    • Youtube links in the training
    • Send email/ USB stick to all participants including the content of the Wikipedia amnbassador info.
    • Links available in other languages
    • Who will develop the content?
      • Content is already available.
      • Who can curate this material : Sessions planned?
        • Toni to take the lead and Jami to review
    • Resources from previous attempts of creating ambassador programs to be checked out.
  • What help do you need?
    • Manage the people who attend : stay connected? (Combination of these ways)
      • Mailing List
      • Facebook? Raya will start the facebook group: Wikipedia Education Ambassador
      • Enter into Toni/ WMUK database
      • Create a mailing list through CiviCRM

Agenda items

Welcome and Icebreakers - RAYA

15 minutes

  • Welcome
  • Overview of session
  • get-to-know-you icebreaker

Introduction to Wikipedia - STEFAN

30 minutes

Professional or professor perspective - TONI

  • Motivations & student learning
  • Challenges and mistakes been made previously
  • Learnings and adjusting the workflow/ assignment

Student perspective - STUDENT TBD or HJ VIDEO

20 minutes

  • Student Panel
  • Experience
  • What they learned
  • Challenges
  • Continued activity in Wikipedia

Impact of Wikipedia - JAMI

20 minutes

  • Examples of student work
  • How Wikipedia is improved
  • reach of content
  • closing content groups
  • increasing diversity

Wikipedia assignments - Toni

30 minutes

  • 12 week OR compressed assignments (step by step)
  • variety of programmes : differentiation
  • The creativity of these projects....

Next steps and creativity of the ambassador role - TONI TO FIND SOMEONE... (Marc or Martin - potential)

20 minutes

  • How to start an ambassador program.
  • How to join the facebook group
  • Contact info to connect any relevant programs to these people.
  • Tie up session with more information links etc...

Draft schedule

12:00pm: Lunch (tbc) - TS to discuss with FT
12:30pm: Welcome - RAYA
12:45pm: Introduction to Wikipedia - STEFAN
1:15pm: Student perspective - HANNAH'S VIDEO (tbc)
1:30pm: Impact of Wikipedia - JAMI
2:15pm: Break
2:30pm: Lecturer perspective - TONI
3:00pm: Wikipedia assignments - TONI
3:30pm: Break
3:45pm: The campus ambassador role - MARTIN (tbc)
4:00pm: Next steps round table discussion
5:00pm: end of session

5. What are the deadlines? Who is responsible for each deadline?

  • Email final ready- 4th July
  • Libraries Mailing list created and sent? - 4th - 7th July - Hannah
  • Email sent to mailing lists- 4th - 7th July
  • Registration Opens CRM - July 4th - Toni
  • Set up facebook group - 18th July - Raya
  • USB filled with appropriate information - 1st August - Toni
  • Materials sent to Barbican - 1st August - Jami
  • Registration Closed and info email sent CRM - 1st August - Toni
  • Pre questionaire goes out with links to further information to learn more - 1st August - Hannah
  • final slide decks, materials, any needs prepared for facilitation - 1st August - Stefan, Raya, Toni, Jami & 'STUDENT'
  • Ambassador sign-up page - Toni - TBC

Section on Wiki: add needs and help out.

6. Logistics

  • What space requirements do you have?
    • Frobisher 1 or something similar...
    • Capacity of 50 would be even more ideal where possible.
  • What materials do you need?
    • Projector
    • Reliable speakers and sound
    • Tables and chairs, probably not circular though
    • Resources on hand
    • Registration

7. What is success and how will you measure it?

  • Pre and End Questionnaire - Distance travelled
    • 75% participants walk away with a better understanding of how Wikipedia works in Education
  • 3 educators attend the Educator Workshop/Training as a result of attending this session. (assuming we go first and have at least 5 educators)
  • 5-7 Formal ambassadors are signed up in the UK
  • 10 participants from outside the UK

Other goals:

  • Get people on the facebook page (hard to measure)
  • Minimum of 1 facebook post of week (Kept active)