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ranking openness - the Digital Opennes Index [do:index]

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The Digital Openness Index [do:index] is a multi-dimensional measure of the contribution of public bodies to the digital commons (data, information, knowledge and infrastructure) on a city level, regional and nationwide level. The Digital Openness Index pursues three goals: first an overall approach to show the range of possible initiatives to improve digital openness, second to measure digital openness and point out the good cases and practices and third this first edition of the Digital Openness Index, which will be published annually, will eventually allow for comparisons of trends over time and the benchmarking of performance across countries, continuously improving our understanding of the “digital openness” value for society.

With 97 indicators we are measuring 5 open categories:

  • Open Data
  • Open Infrastructure
  • Open Software
  • Open Policies
  • Open Educational Resources

We present the results from our study of 45 cities and regions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We show our findings and the status quo and best cases of supporting digital openness, open access, FOIA, transparency laws, open government policies, ... in .DE/.AT/.CH and other countries.

The project received funding from the Internet Foundation Austria and is supported by the Free University of Berlin, Wikimedia Germany and Open Knowledge Foundation.

  • Open Data
  • WikiCulture & Community
  • Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
  • Legal & Free Culture
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30 minutes
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