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Wiku, a demonstration of total linking using Haiku
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Exprexxo, John G Miner
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When I first started wiki authoring, I would worry about which word should be a link. As my style evolved, I would quickly link the first occurrence of each concept on a page. Later, I started wondering: why not link all the nouns. Finally, I realized that if all words were to be linked, then a page could be auto-linked based on some rational for default linking. When you think of it, every word is a pointer to a concept that can be new to the reader or explored by the curious. Why not link every ‘thing’ by convention and change the link authoring activity to a decision of inputting an unique or special alternative link? My exploration of this concept started with a blank wiki. I needed a simple article space that would allow me to both author quickly and demonstrate simply this idea of all words linked. While authoring the occasional haiku on my personal wiki, the idea hit me: a haiku wiki where all words linked to all haikus with that word. This idea quickly came together and the resulting wiki is very interesting. With this wiki, I explored new ideas about how pages could be organized, gained new insights into how haikus work, and ultimately developed a strong advocacy for all word linking. In this presentation , I will show my proof of concept (POC) mediawiki site that uses a unique set of templates, categories and page titles to create a completely intra-linked set of articles, each one of which are a haiku. The presentation will point out how quickly common terms become over loaded and how the need for disambiguation develops. The POC also provides a fun look at the structure of haikus and show limiting word count causes innovation in the “turn of phrase”. The POC uses a gimmick in page titling to create the effect, in a general implementation, there would need to be a script mechanism that intra-links all words and yet allows the text to be readable in edit modes. Also the scripting would need to allow for the normal linking markup to override the default mechanism. A brief discussion about how this might be implemented and the technical implications of a completely linked wiki will be included. The presentation will conclude with how the POC highlights some interesting implications for categories, disambiguation pages, and interwiki linking in broader wikis. After the presentation, access to the POC will be extended to attendees of the presentation. They will be able to add their own haiku to the wiki and walk the pages to understand better how a completely linked wiki might benefit their work.

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30 minutes
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