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Wikipedia and It's Impact on Hollywood
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Karen Pfeiffer (Colliehaven)
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United States
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Weatherwax Collies (Lassie)
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Facebook - Lassie and Company
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I would like to discuss the positive and negative impact that Wikipedia has on the Hollywood scene. There are many examples where Wikipedia has positively helped the images of Hollywood stars, and there are also many negative examples where Wikipedia has hurt a star, either living or dead. I am determined that the facts that are presented on Wikipedia need to be thoroughly researched and verified, because of the damage or the good that it can do to a Hollywood star, either past, or currently in the making. One example would be the world's most famous canine star, Lassie. There is one contributor on Wikipedia that has a very biased history of Lassie and has posted very damaging remarks on Wikipedia about Lassie and his owner/trainer. That should not be allowed and there should be blocks in place to stop the damage of slanderous remarks. Many contributors on Wikipedia do not thoroughly research or know their subject, and post unsubstantiated remarks. There needs to be a system of checks and balances that stops this kind of misuse of information from happening.
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30 minutes
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Not sure
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