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Wikimaps Nordic: Field report
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Susanna Ånäs, André Costa
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Special:EmailUser/Susannaanas, Special:EmailUser/Lokal_Profil
User:Susannaanas, User:André Costa (WMSE)
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Finland, Sweden
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Wikimaps is an initiative by Wikimedia Finland to gather old maps in Wikimedia Commons, place them in world coordinates with the help of Wikimedia volunteers and start using them in different ways. The project brings together and further develops tools for the discovery of old maps and information about places through history.
Wikimaps Nordic was launched in the beginning of 2014. It concentrates on regional collaboration with GLAM partners in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Estonia. What kind of maps can we find in archives across the Nordic countries? What kind of information can we see in them? What can we create together with the public? Together with partners from the other Nordic countries.
Reporting the activities within Wikimaps Nordic that have happened so far
  • The kickoff meeting in Helsinki February 2014
  • Monthly online meetings
  • The Nordic map project
will depict urbanization. We select a place (urban or rural) in each country, work together with GLAMs in gathering and uploading materials and investigating the ways in which the materials can be treated.
Finland will investigate Helsinki through maps, aerial images and data. We focus additionally on tools for working with aerial images. Sweden will focus on the city of Umeå. Collaborations have been initiated with the Land Survey as well as several GLAM actors (both on a national and local level) to source historical maps. Wikimaps started working on the historical maps of Tartu in 2013 and it will be natural to continue that project. Norway and Denmark are in the process of defining their focus.
  • The national libraries
We are hoping to engage in discussion about a template for maps with map librarians from the Nordic national libraries.
  • There is a plan for a Nordic map hackathon or a series of local hack events.
Wikimaps Nordic will support the development of the Wikimaps environment
  • Development will focus on creating tools for uploading, describing, searching, georectifying and digitizing old maps.
  • We are continuing work with defining temporal properties of places in Wikidata to connect with historical gazetteers and OHM data.
  • The Wikimedia hackathon in Zürich will be hosting a set of discussions and sprints.
  • Wikimaps will work in collaboration with OpenHistoricalMap in FOSS OPW with iD and Mapnik to allow the display of time.
Where to find it
WMFI, WMSE, WMNO, WMDK, WMEE plus nearly 20 GLAMs from the countries and around 200 individuals in the network.
Funded by
Nordic Culture Fund, WMF PEG, Finnish Ministry of Culture, WMSE, FOSS OPW/WMF, Finnish Institute in London
GLAM Outreach
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30 minutes
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