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Wiki Indaba - A summit of fire lighters

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Thuvack, Islahaddow, Slashme, Bobbyshabangu

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South Africa

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Wikimedia ZA

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Wiki Indaba Wiki

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Wiki Indaba 2014 is the first annual conference for Wikipedians and Wikimedians from across Africa. The first iteration of the conference took place in Johannesburg from the 20-22 June 2014. A team of organisers from Wikimedia ZA, as well as other Wikimedians throughout Africa, collaborated to curate keynotes, and refine the programme, that included strategy sessions, panels, and workshops on advocacy, outreach, educational, and community building.

The conference is designed to create a forum for Africa-based Wikipedians to participate in meaningful discussion about, and create a collective strategy to, advocate and expand contributions to Wikimedia, Wikipedia and the open movement across Africa. The following issues shall be presented:

  • Outcomes of dialogue to find common solutions to problems across English, French, Swahili and Afrikaans Wikipedias and Sister projects,
  • Established communication links, actions and opportunities among existing African Wikimedia Usergroups, planning groups and chapters.
  • Defined collective strategy for Africa in the Global South. What we believe will work.
  • 2015 Annual collective plan of coordinated continental outreach campaigns.
  • Overview of diversity and proportional representation of female in the continent.
  • Regional co-operation Committee to facilitate regular interaction among African fire lighters.

WikiCulture & Community
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