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Warring to Caring community: Channelising community energy in Telugu Wikipedia

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  • Visdaviva
  • రహ్మానుద్దీన్
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  • India
  • India
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  • Centre for Internet and Society, Access to Knowledge Program CIS-A2K
  • WMIN Chapter, Telugu SIG
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By December 2012 Telugu Wikipedia was a kind of a war zone :) There were internal community conflicts on numerous issues and low priority topics. In addition to this there was complete absence of overall community collaboration. The already stifling community's energy was drained in these internal conflicts and often the lengthy debates remained endless without any productive outcome or decision. Telugu Wikipedia hit a new low in terms of user activity and contribution on wiki. Though some of the enthusiastic users tried to initiate collaborative projects, they could not sustain in this environment on Telugu Wikipedia. As this environment on Telugu wiki persisted for quite a long time it has demoralized the few enthusiastic users, some of whom had left. The budding sister projects had also become dormant in Telugu. However, there were a series of ideas that were tried out during 2013. This has ushered in a positive change and built community spirit and wiki collaboration. Some of the Telugu Wikipedians at large had returned with more motivation to contribute to Telugu Wikipedia. Within a year Telugu Wikipedia has hit many new highs in terms of the community growth and contribution with many active collaborative projects. This was made possible because the movement funds, routed through WMF's catalytic program (CIS-A2K) in India, were productively leveraged by the Telugu community. This has also had positive ripple effect on the sister projects which now see relatively better activity.

In this presentation we will present the various ideas and activities that were done in Telugu Wikipedia since January 2013 and show how can one channelize a small community's energy towards productive growth. CIS-A2K's Telugu Plans had worked catalytically in rejuvenating the community and vice-versa. This process of change, which we will share in the presentation, could be an ideal example of how a small global-south wiki community can productively utilize movement resources to effectively strengthen the community and organically grow the Wikimedia projects qualitatively and quantitatively. These lessons could be beneficial to many small wiki communities in the Wikimedia universe.

  • WikiCulture & Community
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