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Visiting London's GLAMs before and after Wikimania
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Edward Hands
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London has one of the world's finest selections of GLAMs, and Wikimania attendees should try to visit some of them while they are here. This presentation will seek to provide them with some of the information they might need to decide how best to spend their GLAM visiting time.

London is unusual for a global city in that most of its major galleries and museums have free entry, but which ones? And which ones charge, and how much? When are they open? Do any have special arrangements with us in August?

Do they allow photography (most do), but what about tripods? Flash? And which GLAMs' collections are well covered in Commons, and which have a relatively low percentage of exhibited objects photographed on Commons? And which GLAMs have Wikipedia entries in need of improvement?

On the subject of photography, in September 2013, Wiki Loves Monuments sought to obtain for Commons as many images as possible of London's Grade I and Grade II* listed buildings. Many are still missing images, including some Grade I buildings in central London. There is much of value that can be done.

This presentation, for which the slides and tabulated data will be available before Wikimania, aims to help attendees to match their interests with the needs of Wikipedia and Commons.

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