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Ori Livneh
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United States
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Wikimedia Foundation
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This presentation will survey the performance of Wikimedia wikis by quantitative and qualitative means. We will look at how Wikimedia aggregates timing data that is measured on the user's device and how we use this data to understand how a geographically-distributed base of readers and editors — connected by diverse means from a broad set of internet-connected devices — actually experience the site. In addition to the visual display of summary statistics, we will also grapple with this data by simulating how users from diverse locations across the globe experience site latency, comparing Wikimedia wikis to other popular web destinations. We will discuss how the experience of latency can color users' engagement with content by looking at how site performance correlates with user activity.

Having groked the current state of site performance at Wikimedia, we will look behind the scenes to see how engineers and editors experiment with different approaches to make the site faster, and talk about what worked and what didn't. We'll conclude by giving an overview of what the near-future looks like and what Wikimedians can do to help.

Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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30 minutes
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Some of these themes were previously presented in a much abbreviated format at Wikimedia's January 2014 Monthly Metrics meeting: see Site performance update. The presentation proposed above will explore them in far greater depth, however.

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