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Umepedia – the European Capital of Culture and QRpedia in happy harmony

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John Andersson (User:Jopparn)

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Wikimedia Sverige

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Umepedia is the first QRpedia town in the Nordic countries and with a population of 100,000 people it is one of the largest QRpedia towns ever. The project is taking place when Umeå is the European Capital of Culture. An important part of the project is to gather experiences that can be used to integrate QRpedia in future European Capital of Culture in other countries. The project received external funding.

The project aims to:

  • identify and form partnerships with relevant organizations in Umeå;
  • investigate what can be done within Swedish legislation (what type of signs can be used, where can they be placed etc.). This way we can hopefully do it in more cities;
  • organize a series of workshops/edit-a-thons for new and old editors to improve articles about Umeå;
  • a close integration of the photo contest Wiki Loves Monuments, but with a historical touch;
  • an online writing contests in order to improve the content on Wikipedia;
  • the involvement of past and present students from Umeå university;
  • installing at least 25 signs at important locations in the city;
  • research into the use of QR codes by Master students and researchers from Umeå University;
  • work for image donations about Umeå's culture and history from Swedish GLAMs; and
  • finally the creation of a report aiming to make it easier making future cultural capitals into Wikipedia cities.

The project has manage to gathered the major cultural institutions in the city of Umeå and a number of other important national and international actors in order to release new material, engage experts in article writing and conduct research about QR codes. Already the project has enjoyed significant news coverage in Sweden. So far (March 2014), the concept of Wikipedia cities seem to have many benefits and is worthy of more exploration and sharing of experiences.

This presentation will focus on what has been done and what's in the pipeline for the rest of the year, and share lessons about what worked and what didn't.


WikiCulture & Community

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