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The equality of rules would force decisionmakers (and these are clearly the admins in Wikipedia, not the arbitration committee that sees just few cases) to treat like cases the same. The rules would increase fairness, trust in Wikipedia, and ultimately the benefits everyone draws from it by reducing dramatically the danger of arbitrariness, bias, or even mood. I mean, colleagues, why can't we say that someone is notable for the purposes of Wikipedia if he or she is mentioned:

(*) In 100 articles. Or one thousand. Or a million.

(*) In the media of 2 countries. Or 2 continents.

(*) Without substantial interruptions in the last 2 years. Or 20 years.

The point is, the numbers don't matter so much. What matters is the establishing of uniform standards. Otherwise, the feelings stays deep that the top staff and the bottom volunteers of Wikipedia have virtually no say, and the "middle management" is in full control. Which is probably in 70% of the cases OK, but there are 10% of the remaining 30% when really bad decisions are made. And 10% bad decisions is too much on a world class website.

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