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From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

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Space, Time and GLAM

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Space, Time and GLAM - most GLAM projects are defined in terms of specific metrics, for evaluation, for understanding, and for performance indicators. What to do with sources, institutions, landscapes, and environments where such criterion of definition do not work? This is a discussion of things, places and circumstances where discrete time limits, easily defined limits, dont exist and where difficult subjects and issues relative to potential material for consideration by the GLAM process to accomodate things that are not easy to fit into tight and managable quantity/quality 'fits'.

The presentation will look at examples of where specific subject areas and potential involvement areas are not easily definable in quick grabs or easy to define catch phrases.

From experience in fieldwork in Indonesia, travel in Australia, and Eastern Europe, the presentation is offering alternative views on time and space in a range of environments where GLAM or related frameworks might have processes and systems that catch new editors, new content, and information - outside of the currently understood criterion used.

It also relates to where informants or contact persons and situations where they are able to be involved or provide information, require extended and drawn out interaction times, where time limits on some projects are not appropriate for the production of information, and the development of relationships.

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