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Sèvres porcelain factory: recording the expertise of artisans

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Lionel Allorge (Lionel Allorge (talk))

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Lionel Allorge (talk)

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The w:Manufacture nationale de Sèvres is a porcelain factory owned by the French state to preserve the expertise of artisans in porcelain making. Formerly a royal factory created to make porcelain objects for the kings and emperors of France, it is still making porcelain for the french official palaces but also for contemporary artists. It is run by the Minister of Culture. A year ago, the French chapter Wikimedia France signed an agreement to record the expertise of the artisans working at the manufacture. About every month, a team of two or three Wikipedians are invited to the factory for a day, to take pictures and videos of one of the workshops of the Manufacture. The artisans are then performing several of their skills from grinding the kaolin, the special clay used to make porcelain, to the hand painting of the smallest details of the decor of a plate. The medias are then validated by Sèvres and published on Wikimedia Commons, creating accurate documentation on this very special knowledge mastered by only a few people.


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