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Reliability score for Wikipedia article - with a focus on political science article
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This was originally a part of my final year project, as an student in the programme of Double Degree in Computing and Management, in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It was decided to focus on the using wiki to enhance e-learning performance in collaboration aspects, yet in my opinion it is good for all wikipedian to work together for a reliability formula for Wikipedia article.

Despite the huge amount of information and the trust from Google, Wikipedia are generally banned as academic reference, in the light of its challenged reliability. However, there are great effort put in some of the articles, and should be recognized. While there are some featured articles with excellent quality and external reference, such recognition are only within the Wiki-community, but not externally.

I propose, if the reliability can be measured quantitatively, it will assist all Wikipedian to improve the articles, leading to a more reliable Wikipedia.

Possible factors includes (but not limited to):

  • No. of edits( in Discussion page / article)
  • Official account for related parties
  • Page Rate
  • Users level(Although it may violate some core value of Wikipedia)

It will be exciting for me to discover the weight of different factors and other factors that I have not considered!

With more reliable articles in Wikipedia, Wikipedia will become a more useful e-learning tool, thus contributing more to better knowledge application and acquisition. Ideally, I hope that Wikipedia can be finally accepted as an academic reference, given the reliability score has meet a minimum requirement has been met.

(Note : the content are subject minor change due to the progress of my final year project.)

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