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Well as for the most of this outline project here in The Bahamas I have been using and to get my point across I have done my own report which has been given to The government of my courtyard (country) The Official Democratic National Alliance New party to enroll a F.B.I agent as part of a plan which was evasive of my studies in this undercover Roswell discovery program RIS hidden in plan sight in a area called yellow elder RIS is a program language>in use of what I see and research it to be a militarily project left misunderstood by many on lookers..Most of this information could have been track to my facebook but because of treason reasons I deleted my finding to my own evasiveness In the course of studies experience paranormal activity with my cell phone typing house numbers before I even knew I also fix cell phone as well as mode them and even for a person like me it was strange most of these studies started between 1998 to 1999 as simple as opening a email address in doing so most of my most praise findings were lost,left behind,stolen,then bankruptcy only to be left alone place as some crazy assassin out to do the worst to all the people I seem to know or called friends RIS has over a million of different code speech an can also call your own projection of what is said, I have been able to handle its output for the last six years it seem the more you studies it the easier it get to process then I thought to myself no wounder they left this project behind maybe if I did not grow up in the Bahamas I would have caner by now or all my hair wood have dropped out...Anyway I'm alive an still working with the little means of what left of the studies sorry if I am not perfect but most of the keys on my key board or not at 100% I will edit what is not clear..There is also another study I am doing and I came up with it on m own free will after the effects of my research I call it S.I.R meaning (Source code) (IA64) (Route) fill in the blinks I have already did the hard part this should be easier scene this is Th added and lively part of my book.

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