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Moving the needle forward on Wikimedia Indic language contributions

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Alolita Sharma (WMF)

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United States of America

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Wikimedia Foundation

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The largest Indic language Wikipedia is the Hindi Wikipedia with only about 110,000 articles. Yet there are 200+ million native speakers of Hindi worldwide. Every Indic language Wikipedia repeats the same saga of minimal representation in the online world versus the millions of native users for each language.

So what is the “magic mix” that drives contributors in Indic communities to engage and stick around on Wikimedia projects. Online open knowledge and open source communities share many common characteristics which drive collaboration and contribution. They share similar problems of engagement too.

This talk will examine factors that motivate contribution in Indic open knowledge communities including technology (language tools and assets such as fonts and input methods), economic, education, gender and cultural influences. It will also look at challenges that exist to initial and sustained engagement that impact Indic language contributions. Case studies of Devanagari based communities such as Hindi, Marathi, Rajasthani, Newari, Nepali, Bihari (Bhojpuri, Maithili), Kashmiri and Sanskrit will be reviewed for motivations, challenges and solutions (what has worked) to grow contributions. Sustainable solutions including building healthy contributor communities that are incentivized to engage as well as measuring successful engagement will also be discussed.

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30 minutes
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