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Emergency Safety System from Fire in Industries
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Antar Shinjan
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Antar Shinjan
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BUET, Shinjan band
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Fire is a common problem in different industries of Bangladesh, which is occured mostly due to short-circuit in main power line. If we go along the newspapers of previous 5 years, at least 40 incidents will be found, where many people died or have been injured. Most factories do not have emergency systems. Our project includes a GSM module which will send SMS immedietely to the nearest PS, FS, Hospitals and other mandatory places when fire is occured. Besides, we have included emergency lights which will be on when main power is cut off, thus the workers won't have to rush out in darkness. We also have intentions to include automatic fire extinguisher all along the sensitive places. The whole system will be cost effective as the it is microcontroller based system and don't require high voltage machinaries.

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