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JoburgpediA: Community Building through A wikitown Concept
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Dumisani Ndubane (User:Thuvack)
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South Africa

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Wikimedia ZA

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JoburgpediA Project follows the successes of the pilot project completed in 2013. JoburgpediA pilot involved the Installation of QRcode plaques along side the City of Johannesburg's prestigious Blue Plaques installed in Heritage sites. The second phase of the project focuses on creating awareness and consolidating gains made with GLAM partners and Local Authorities as well as creating new partnerships. This project brings together heritage stake holders ( Johannesburg Heritage Foundation, City of Johannesburg and Heritage enthusiasts ) and Wikipedia in the boldest GLAM project in Africa.

This Presentation explores overall issues encountered in the execution of GLAM partnerships, How new partners were created as well as the impact of a writting competition and a Wikipedian in Residence. The following issues will be discussed:

  • GLAM Partners: Existing and New Partners
We look at the contributions of City of Johannesburg in-terms of offering us crediblity leverage and networking leads with other possible GLAM partners. We explore the gains made with Johannesburg Heritage Foundation as well as their contribution to the Joburg portal in wikipedia. We overview the new involvement of the Constitution court and how its volunteer program was interfaced with Wikipedia. And finally we overview the Museum Africa and what Africana material they had to offer to wikipedia.
  • Joburgpedia Writing competition
A writing competiton is always a good way to engage curious new editors as well as incentivise good editing efforts. This portion will disect how the writting competiton was conducted and review the sucesses of the competition.
  • The Wikipedian in Residence: What worked for us
This phase of the project included a provision for a Wikipedian in Residence. The WiR was based with JHF and Museum Africa. Statistics of scanned and uploaded archives, new articles/stubs as well as institutional user training experiences are presented.

JoburgpediA is has achieved impressive gains in the past two years and is only growing bigger and better. This is good for Joburg, good for the Wikimedia ZA chapter and good for Wikipedia.

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30 minutes
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