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How to write an elaborate article about an individual asteroid
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Gereon Kalkuhl (Gereon K.)
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Gereon K.
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How to write an elaborate article about an individual asteroid using all possible sources. An introduction to existing asteroid articles in all languages, how to improve them and save them from deletion. Databases have information about different aspects of individual asteroids (spectrum, family membership, resonances, history of the discovery). By using all available sources a presentable Wikipedia article can be written for each discovered asteroid. Why articles written by bots are not sufficient when so much more information can be harvested.

For almost all of the discovered more than 500,000 asteroids in the solar system we have free access to the discovery history (who and where and with what instruments), the family membership, orbital resonances, spectroscopic classification (SMASS, Tholen), orbital elements, orbital inclination, orbital eccentricity and brightness (magnitude) and other aspects of each asteroid. When harvesting all this information one should have sufficient text for an elaborate article. Yet articles about asteroids frequently get deleted in en.wikipedia while numerous other Wikipedias only contain bot articles containing only a small percentage of the available data. An article should be more than just an info box. I will demonstrate how to get all information and how to use it. There will be overviews and introductions of asteroid articles from different Wikipedias, for example de, en, eo, hu, hy, it, ja, la, nn, no, pl, pt, ru, uk, vi, yo and zh.

While almost all asteroids are not notable enough according to en: Wikipedia:Notability (astronomical objects), i.e. articles about them are not allowed on en.wikipedia, because they cannot be seen with the naked eye, they were discovered after 1850 and scientists wrote about them only alongside other asteroids, they are notable enough for almost all other Wikipedias. By showing what is known about individual asteroids I will demonstrate that maybe something is not less important because it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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