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Gujarati Wikisource
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Kartik Mistry
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Kartik Mistry
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Gujarati Wikipedia/Wikisource
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Gujarati Wikisource ( project is growing fast among fellow Indian Wikisource projects. It has recently completed 50 books in a year (since its birth) and also becoming one of the most popular project in Gujarati language. This project is now very important and unique for Gujarati language to preserve its rich literature assets in digital formats.

This presentation will show project's (well, short and sweet) history, how we overcame initial challenges (for example: time took in setting up gu.wikisource domain) and difficulties, how we grew our project, current methodology of collaboration and workflow, project's current open challenges (for example: scanning of old books, finding books, initiative or leadership for new book project) and future plans to take over the world with small and distributed team of volunteers! (This doesn't mean we're not looking for volunteers!)

Presentation will take one example of the book and show how we collaborated over project's Talk page, how volunteers picked up desired chapters and how it worked like magic. We will also show an example where thing went a bit into wrong direction or slowed down progress and we will demonstrate root cause of such cases and our efforts to solved it. We will talk into details about how we track down noise vs signal ratio unlike other Wikipedia project here. We will also talk about future plans of collaboration with other digital library projects of Gujarati language to get easy pre-scanned and pre-digitized copies of books. (some of them has already shown interest to collaborate with Wikisource project!).

We will also look forward for discussions with other Wikisource projects during/after presentation to get idea how other projects are proceeding and how we can speed up and spread the word among global Wikisource and Wikipedia communities.

WikiCulture & Community
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30 minutes
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