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First Dutch Wikipedian in Residence:Lessons learned after nine months at the National Archive and Library

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Hay Kranen (User:Husky)

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the Netherlands

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National Library and National Archive of the Netherlands

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Wikipedian in Residence blog, @hayify on Twitter

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In this session Hay Kranen will look back at the nine months he spend as the first Dutch Wikipedian in Residence for the National Archive and National Library of the Netherlands. What went well, what could have been better and are there other opportunities for GLAM's to work together with the Wikimedia community? There will be an overview of activities, reflections on the nitty gritty of trying to enforce the 'bottom-up' practices of Wikipedia on a 'top-down' organisation.

Obviously, there will be time for questions and discussion as well.

Some of the activities that Hay developed during his nine-month tenure that will be presented during this session:

  • Introduction workshops that were given to over 100 archive and library employees.
  • Contributions to Wikipedia projects like Staten-Generaal 550, Wikiproject Maps and the featured article De Draad.
  • Wikimedia NL New Year's reception at the archive.
  • Presentations for other institutions and events like the RKD, THATCamp The Hague, Ministry of Culture and Wikimaps in Finland.
  • Developed tools for archives and libraries.
  • Content donated to Wikimedia Commons using the GLAM-Wiki Toolset.

Another aspect that will be discussed during this meeting is if Wikipedia is 'open' enough itself. If we ask GLAM's to open up and donate media, we should do the same and try to make this as easy as possible.

In the end Hay will try to answer the question: what have the 200-year old archive and library learned from a 13-year old website?

  • GLAM Outreach
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30 minutes
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