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Submission no. 2009
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Curating the World's art
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Jane Darnell
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USA, but I live in the Netherlands
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Wikipedia entity (an article, Commons category or creator template) for artist pages that I have collected to compare against the PCF list of artist pages sorted by birth century. Status March 2014 showing blue for all entities culled so far from Wikipedia, red for PCF, and green for "matched". A noticable "copyright gap" can be seen where the PCF can show everything in public collections, whilst Wikipedia can only show free images and this prevents categories from being formed on Commons, which is itself a giant prompt for writing articles on Wikipedia. Curation on Wikipedia is easier for very old art.
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Last year my local museum celebrated its 100-year anniversary and I decided to "wikify" their most popular artist: Frans Hals. This artist has a page in 53 language versions of Wikipedia, but only 9 language versions have a category for his work, and each local Wikipedia's selection of highlights is influenced by the works in their national collections. Since the artist died, several centuries have passed, and the way his art was curated by auction houses, art galleries, collectors, and much later, museums such as my local one, has changed over time. As I slowly reconstructed all of the old Frans Hals art catalogs and checked their concordance from the earliest one dated 1883 to the latest one dated 1989, I noticed that early art attributions were far from scientific, took a lot of travel and personal expense for the art historian, and were never 100% firm. In this presentation I use a few examples to explain how Wikipedia is a game-changer for art history and why I feel the G&M parts of GLAM should be linking together more with the L&A parts of GLAM on Wikimedia Commons to supplement "their" artwork images with historical metadata to support an international art portal for all language versions of Wikipedia.
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30 minutes
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