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From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

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Crowd-Driven Development: How crowdsourcing enables open information, collaborative research, and libraries as APIs

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Aurelia Moser (auremoser)

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Knight-Mozilla Open News Fellow at Ushahidi + Internews-KE ; NY Representative for the Digital Public Library of America

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In the past few years, crowd-driven initiatives have reinvigorated the way we source support, vote, fund, and learn; they build a community around impressive programs and push them to fruition. They inform the way we construct libraries, the way we make maps, the way we drive investigative journalism, and the way we share information on a global scale.

This talk will focus on how crowd-sourced technology development has helped to promote library research and investigative journalism, catalyzing international communities of not only passive consumers, but active participants in open source projects. Using the Digital Public Library of America and Ushahidi's Crowdmap as case studies, this talk will further touch on the interface between DPLA projects and the wikipedia community, on the crowd-driven technology of Ushahidi's crisis-mapping system, and on the construction of APIs to improve integration and open information across applications. It will discuss not just what open information can do, but how open development can drive technology projects, building networks of collaborators that radically improve the open source landscape and dramatically amplify open information access for all. As a developer, and a representative for both projects, I will address the ways crowd-sourcing projects have been modeled, integrated into other applications, and sustainably developed over the past year.


GLAM Outreach WikiCulture & Community

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30 minutes

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Unfortunately not; I can only get fellowship funding to attend if I qualify as a speaker.

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