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Civilizing the Pirates
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Leslie A. Beben
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I am a cardiology physician assistant working in South Carolina. I enjoy editing Wikipedia in my spare time. Several years ago I became convinced that reversing a known equation in mathematics was not new work and should be common knowledge. Wikipedia appeared to be a perfect home for this endeavor. As a premise I believed that holding a mirror up to something that is already known is not the same as finding something new. I then set about to edit and define how the mathematics originally described by Adolph Fick eventually became an essentially volumetric equation presently known as Ejection fraction. Then I inverted the math on this and arrived at the intuitive opposite of Injection Fraction and published this as a new article. I edited this a lot for the two years it ran. I concurrently submitted "Injection Fraction" as a new medical term to the US Library of Congress..... I was eventually run to ground by an ever vigilant doctor from the UK who tore down the whole house and put "Injection Fraction" into cold cyber storage. This same individual once had me removed from editing Wiki for a period of three months. My grandchildren find this hilarious. I have confessed my sins. If I be a pirate I'd not mind debating this with the good doctor W. in an open forum. If "Injection Fraction" is eventually proven to be a fact, could my article then be resurrected? Is there room for me on the good ship Wiki?

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30 Minutes
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