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Challenges and Opportunities in building an Indian Language Community

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Hari Prasad Nadig (User:HPN, User:HPNadig)

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User:HPN, User:HPNadig

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There is a huge opportunity to widen the reach of Wikimedia projects by reaching out to users of Indian languages. Not only is the number of local language users with access to Internet rapidly increasing, but also has been facing an acute shortage of good quality local language content on the Internet -- let alone recorded knowledge. With more and more users of vernacular getting connected to the Internet - there is an immense potential of bridging the gap that has long existed between the traditional knowledge hidden in local languages with deep cultural heritage to what is now available in English or other languages. The diverse culture the users conversing in local languages also bring in could mean more knowledge to be carried over to other projects as well. However, it isn't easy to build one with a string of challenges including the limitations of technology, access, cultural aspects and awareness.

In this presentation, I intend to explore the key opportunities and challenges in building Indian language communities deriving from close to a decade of my work surrounding Wikimedia movement in India having closely observed projects in various Indian languages and from the learning of having worked on bringing up a community from scratch in Kannada language (Kannada Wikipedia).

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