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Borderlands: Drafts, Deletion, & the Wiki Way
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Jodi Schneider

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US (currently working in France and finishing studies in Ireland)

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Borders divide the world into "in" and "out". Near the border are the borderlands: the zone we pass through when entering and exiting. Borders take many forms: invisible lines drawn on the map; physical checkpoints that can be crossed; or walls keeping everyone in (or out).

In Wikipedia, drafts and deletion are borderlands, that articles pass through in order to become fully "in" or "out" of the encyclopedia. Drafts are places to collaborate on an article Meanwhile, deletion venues (especially deletion discussions, which I've studied extensively) are places to collectively decide whether or not an article is worthwhile, for inclusion in the encyclopedia.

These borderlands (drafts and deletion) determine whether and how Wikipedia will grow, both in content and in contributors.

I will compare drafts spaces and deletion in English Wikipedia, and explain what these spaces have in common. I will also discuss the differences in how established Wikipedians and newcomers participate in these spaces and processes. This presentation will draw on my past research in English Wikipedia, particularly of Articles for Deletion (AfD), and my ongoing research of the Drafts namespace and Articles for Creation.

  • WikiCulture & Community
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30 minutes
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The Drafts section will be based on a collaboration with Bluma Gelley & Aaron Halfaker studying the AfC process.

The Deletion section will be based on my work on English Wikipedia, on the winning and losing argument patterns in deletion debates and the four criteria that summarize AfD debates.

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