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A technical intro into the Wikidata software
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presentation, tutorial
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Jeroen De Dauw
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Jeroen De Dauw
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PHP FIG, OSDA, Wikimedia Deutschland
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Just as Wikimedia Commons collects open-access and public domain media properties, Wikidata does something similar with data. Structured data is entered and maintained collaboratively and autonomously by the community, and published under a free license for all to use: whether they will use it within Wikimedia or beyond. This is probably the most significant big data project underway in the Wikimedia community.

This talk is an intro to the software behind the Wikidata project: Wikibase. You will be introduced to the high level architecture, the core parts of the software and the various ways you can build on top. The contribution guidelines and process are also covered, enabling you to start contributing to the project in an effective manner.

The talk is aimed at technically inclined people who wish to get started with contributing to the software, who wish to deepen their understanding of it, or who want to get an idea of what it is all about.

Kittens will be included.

Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
Length of session
30 minutes
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not before noon

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