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A GLAMorous romance
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Esther Solé (ESM)
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Catalonia, Spain
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Amical Wikimedia
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This presentation will be focused on the GLAMwiki relationship held since 2011 between Barcelona’s Fundació Joan Miró and the community of Catalan Wikipedia editors. As the complexity and the required commitment to develop the planned projects became more demanding as time went by, we have considered this relationship has been like a romance: we met, had a great time together, and now we have gone one step further.

We will start with a brief overview of the projects that sparked our love story, developed in 2011 —an edit-a-thon with core users and a translations campaign to use QRpedia technology in an exhibition— and 2013 —a 35-hour edit-a-thon with a vast group of novice editors to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Fundació Miró’s Espai 13 with the usage of QRpedia in another exhibition—. Afterwards, the presentation will especially focus on the most recent ideas, developed from late 2013 to mid 2014. We were deeply inspired with Joan Miró’s desire to make his legacy as close to people as possible, and the most recent GLAMwiki project with Fundació Miró was clearly aligned with the artist wish and the institution’s mission, which aims at increasing the presence and improving the quality of the available knowledge about the artist and his oeuvre either in the research world, exhibition rooms, or Wikipedia and its sister projects.

First of all, a wikipedian in residence —with the help of the Fundació’s curatorial team— redefined Joan Miró’s template in Catalan Wikipedia, in a process that spanned around two weeks. After that, a 7-week operation tood place, aiming at seeking high-quality texts and studies about Joan Miró and his artworks in different languages that could be relicensed using an OTRS authorisation.

This operation wasn’t performed just for the sake of opening knowledge to everyone, but because it should be considered as a preliminary step of another activity, scheduled for the 10th May. This event, named “Joan Miró Global Challenge”, will consist of a 10-hour editing party where everyone will be invited to join in a collective effort to create and improve 10 key articles about Joan Miró and his artworks in 10 different languages each. Methodology and results —of the activity and the whole project— will be presented and discussed, and recommendations for future lines of work will be drawn.

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30 minutes
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