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1 small museum, 1 giant step for Wikipedia: GLAMing at the Israeli Caricatures and Cartoons Museum – a case study.
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Shani Evenstein, National GLAM Projects Coordinator, WM-IL.
Yair Talmor, Wikipedian-in-Residence at the Israeli Caricatures and Cartoons Museum.
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Esh77 & talmoryair
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In August 2011, right after Wikimania Haifa Wikimedia, Israel took its first steps in the worlds of GLAM and partnered with The Israel Museum, Jerusalem for a first-of-its-kind collaboration in Israel. Soon enough, new GLAMs joined the efforts of making culture accessible on Hebrew Wikipedia, including the National Library in Jerusalem and the Academic Library at the Haifa University.

On February 2014, a Wikipedian-in-Resident program began at the Israel Caricatures and Cartoons Museum, located in Holon, a suburb of Tel-Aviv. This collaboration was a result of one enthusiastic employee at the Holon City Municipality, who heard about GLAM and Education Outreach programs, and served as a focal point to all GLAMs and some EDU institutions in Holon. The first to raise its flag, seeking to collaborate with WM-IL, was the visionary curator of two Museums in the city –The Israeli Caricatures and Cartoons Museum and the Design Museum Holon.

With an attitude of Open Access and Open Data in mind, we were given access to The Israeli Caricatures and Cartoons Museum's archive, which contains more than 300,000 caricatures, comics and related artifacts. An important collections at the archive contains around 3000 original caricatures by one of the most well-known Israeli Caricaturist, Ze'ev. His caricatures, published daily in newspapers, were a comment on the historical, political and cultural events of the day and soon became a favorite for many.

Ironically, despite their undeniable importance, these caricatures, which have become and inseparable part of Israel's historical and cultural heritage, have never been digitized and are unavailable for the public online. Naturally, "saving" this rare and important collection became one of the main goals of this collaboration. But having only 4 month for the pilot, a Wikipedian-in-Residence for only one day per week and limited resources – can we make it..?

This presentation will showcase this collaboration as a case-study, while focusing, reviewing and commenting on -

  • The importance of pursuing projects with challenging circumstances
  • The advantages of collaborating with smaller GLAMs
  • Overcoming the challenges in meeting the project's goals
  • The ongoing debate: what counts as a successful GLAM collaboration is and how can this success be measured
  • The joy of unexpected results


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