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Будь ласка, реєструйтеся онлайн:

  • Бейдж

Registration includes:

  • Badge

24–25 травня

  • Lunch and refreshments during the breaks on the conference and hackathon days

7–8 червня

  • Wireless connectivity in conference session area

21–22 червня

Payment must be made online with either a credit/debit card or PayPal.

19–20 липня

Registration on-site

Please go to the Lower Foyer on the lower ground floor (-1) and head to the registration desk. Volunteers there will cross check your details and register you. On Thursday 7 August, registration finishes at 19:30. We will run registration until late afternoon on the following days according to demand. After signing in you can collect your t-shirt and bag from the next counter.

5–6 липня

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