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Museum trip (Aug 11)

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

This is an all day event for August the 11th – the day after Wikimania 2014.

London is where the GLAM initiatives first blossomed with Liam Wyatt's residency at the British Museum. So it wouldn't be right to have a London Wikimania without a big GLAM event at a leading London cultural institution.

The concept

An all day event at a London Museum with WiFi and access to curators and hopefully, small groups during the day going on backstage passes.

For those who want to edit we hope to arrange an editathon room with WiFi and access to curators. WikimediaUK has invested in some spare laptops for such events, so if you don't have a machine or a big enough machine to edit then some chrome laptops can be booked in advance.


Notionally Free.

Most leading London museums are free to enter though there is a recommended voluntary donation, and you can usually only get out of the museum by going through their shop. Lunch will be at your own expense, but we will designate some local venues so if you want to still meet fellow Wikimanians and local Wikimedians then you will know where to go.

Should we designate a local picnic venue?

Finding each other

Please wear your Wikimania Tshirt (or any wikimedia Tshirt) if you want other Wikimedians to be able to find you in the crowds.


Most London Museums allow photography but without flash or tripod, and we are hoping to host this at such a museum. Precise details including relevant Commons categories will be posted once we confirm the venue. If there is a backstage pass please only take photographs when your guide permits.


Not yet open, and we won't start taking names until you can make an informed choice between the various August 11 choices.