Education Pre-Conference/Lightning Talks

From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

This page is an outline for an event to take place as a part of the Wikimania pre-conference education event. Please do feel free to contribute to this page!

How long does this session take?

Which model - 1 minute per speaker, no slides Or planned 5 minute sessions with invitee speakers so we know someone is going to present - basically similar to Teachmeet format, which teachers may well be more familiar with lightning talks are best to the whole group rather than a selected Andy wrote a blog post about lightning talks: which will help to illustrate the concept. We will need a ruthless MC, with a stopwatch!

The session would run for ten minutes after one of the main presentations and leading in to a break so that participants and the audience can connect.

Who is your audience?

Ideally, everyone at the event would be able to participate.

How do we get your audience to Wikimania?


What will the content of this session be?

Individuals volunteer to talk for a minute (or however long allowed) on a topic of their choosing; ideally, no slides allowed!

What are the deadlines? Who is responsible for each deadline?

A facilitator (Andy) with a stopwatch will monitor during the sessions. In terms of planning the session will be driven by the participants.


No materials are required for the session. It would work best if held in main space for event. Could run few minutes before, or after, main speakers and leading up to a break.

What is success and how will you measure it?

Attendee feedback, monitor the hashtag for Twitter and blogs. Include specifically on the feedback form for the event.