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From Wikimania 2014 • London, United Kingdom

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Use the approach of the event as an opportunity for outreach

Holding Wikimania in London will supercharge it; we're expecting 4000 attendees, and lots of press attention. It's an impressive physical manifestation of the size and success of the movement. This can help you in your outreach goals, even if you're not located anywhere nearby!

www.WikimaniaLondon.org is designed as a landing page for non-wikimedians, with specific focus on why Wikimedia might be interesting to them beyond just editing Wikipedia, and interesting content from our ~20 notable featured speakers, so you can promote this page widely:

We'll send you Press Releases and other comms materials if you subscribe to the Wikimania London Affiliates List

Plan an Exhibition Stand

We're having an exhibition area in the main foyer, which will be the highest traffic area in the venue. Find us volunteers to organise Exhibition Stands - we're especially interested in stands to promote larger projects and international programmes that people at the event can sign up to and get involved with.

Apply for Project Leaflets

We will design and print leaflets to help promote your programmes: Project Leaflets – fill in your details and we'll have them printed, ready for you at the event!

You can do this even if you're not sending anyone – we'll display them in the foyer for you!

Promote the Project Leaflet scheme to your local volunteers and elsewhere!


Interested in learning how to put together large events? Volunteer to help the Wikimania team!

Community Liaison

Any questions/ideas, contact Edward Saperia