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Fundraising translations
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jrobell/Jessica Robell
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This interactive workshop will be focused on the crowd translation process involved in the Wikimedia Foundation’s Multilingual fundraising campaign.

Throughout the year, the Wikimedia Foundation runs its global fundraising campaign in nearly 50 languages in almost every country in the world. Thanks to these fundraising banners, the foundation receives donations from over 2 million Wikipedia readers every year. English fundraising messages are translated by volunteer Wikipedians who share their linguistic skills and carry out translations using the MediaWiki translation software.

The purpose of this interactive workshop is to:

  • present the translation process to new Wikipedians and potential new translators
  • receive feedback from existing translators on the translation process
  • have an open discussion regarding the development of fundraising messages and their usage
  • illustrate how we use A/B testing to determine our readers’ preferences regarding word choice and style

Questions that will be addressed include:

  • How can the wiki software (Translate extension) be used to most effectively carry out translations, while allowing translators to discuss and share comments?
  • what measures can be taken to recruit new users to join the community of translators, and keep our existing community of translators motivated and inspired to continue to contribute?


WikiCulture & Community

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30 minutes
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