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Cool Project

Dear user:joedavis or W:en:user:joedavis, If the discussion happens at 2014 Wikimania, I will attend. I would like a bag of seeds to plant in my backyard in the USA. Your project, as stated in the abstract, has a coolness factor of 11 or over 9,000, depending on your favorite Internet meme.

In my spare time, I plan to engineer a perennial form of drought-tolerant wheat for human consumption. Also, I plan to insert the Japanese chestnut tree's disease resistance into the few remaining American chestnut trees. Both, I believe will improve community resilience in a changing world.

Your project is similar to the project of printing Wikipedia on paper and my pet project of Wikipedia loves Galactic Exploration for Posterity.

Your project is cool but I suspect several of the European Wikimedia members will take great offense because many of them are anti-GMO.

My best regards, W:en:user:geraldshields11